Shared Mallorca catamaran trips

If you’re a small group of friends, a couple or family and really want to join one of our trips around Mallorca, choose one of our shared mallorca catamaran trips. You share your trip with other interesting people who, like you, want to go on a catamaran sailing adverture. It is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends while relaxing in the sun and enjoying the warm weather of Mallorca. Who knows who you’ll meet?

For your optimal catamaran trip experience, pick one of the following tours:

  • 4 hour day trip including fresh homemade tapas
  • 4 hour sunset trip including fresh homemade tapas
  • 5 hour day trip and eating barbecue
  • 5 hour sunset trip  and eating barbecue
  • 7 hour trip from with a three-course lunch and fresh homemade tapas

We will meet at a predefined pickup point and will head to the catamaran right after!