Our catamaran is equipped with a amazing music system. We have a huge collection of music on board, but you can also connect your phone to our music system by bluetooth , and play your own music.


Discover the underwater life of the Mediterranean . We have masks and breathing tubes on board, enough for all our guests.

Standup paddle

On board we have two SUP boards, for free use. Show us your skills, or, if your not experienced, let us tell you the basics, and enjoy!

Sea-Doo seascooter

Our Sea-Doo Seascooter…. I can only tell you that you need to experience it. Go through the water like a dolphin and have fun!


Floats, inflatables, we have loads of them: the floating party island, which is accessible for the whole group, or fall in love with Mr. Peacock, or chill out on the watermelon. That, and there is much more to enjoy….

Cruise passengers

For our guests who arrive on Mallorca by cruise ship: for most cruises we are able to change our departure times that fit our guests.

Ice cold drinks

We take care for serving our drinks very well chilled. Enjoy your ice cold beer, your chilled sangria, or try one of our cocktails. Whatever you take, it’s cold!


Be sure to try our cocktails, it’s honoustly like drinking a little piece of heaven.. All our cocktails are freshly prepared, using fresh local ingredients and… Not exactly watered down.

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